Finding creative financing solutions for clients and mitigating bank's risk, while complying with the SBA SOP, can be challenging. At Cloverhill we have structured countless SBA 7(a) loan transactions which meet these goals.

Navigating through the updated SBA SOP can be frustrating for lenders working on their own. At Cloverhill Financial we'll take the frustration out of the process by providing accurate SBA guidance in a short timeframe—typically as short as five days.

Generally SBA loan officers need further explanation after initially reviewing the application. It can be intimidating for lenders unfamiliar with SBA's loan policies to provide the appropriate response. At Cloverhill Financial we will assist you with the response.

Precise compliance with the SBA Authorization and preparation of closing documents are key to maintaining the lender’s guaranty  Upon request, Cloverhill Financial will thoroughly review the SBA Authorization, recommend changes as needed and prepare all required SBA closing documents.

Lenders not familiar with servicing SBA loans can become frustrated searching for particular SBA policies. Cloverhill Financial can assist you with all SBA servicing questions and provide valuable guidance and time savings.